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Pastor Susan Nikirk, pioneers on the cutting edge of God's prophetic voice. She has ministered nationally and internationally, being watchmen on the walls, committed to doing the will of God. Her hearts' desire is to commit the revelation they have received from the Holy Spirit over their years of service, to faithful men and women who will be able to teach and minister to others also.
We are very excited about The Watchmen School of Prayer, and have seen great fruits in many of our former graduates. As we travel around the nations we see that one of the major needs of the 21st century church is a generation of believers that know how to use effectual fervent prayer, and are willing to lay down their lives and commit to watch and pray. Yeshua said many times "Watch and Pray." As we have entered into a new millennium, watchmen will play an integral role in preparing the way for Messiah's coming. All believers are called to be watchmen. Are you watching and ready for Messiah's coming? We invite you to come and be empowered to fulfill your destiny.

Pastor Susan Nikirk