"I can of myself do nothing. As I hear, I judge; and my judgment is just,
because I do not seek my own will but the will of the Father who sent me. " John 5:30

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Biography of
Gerald & Susan Nikirk

Gerald and Susan Nikirk are the founders of NIKIRK MINISTRIES, based on John 5:30. The Nikirks have ministered nationally and internationally, being a prophetic voice to the nations, strengthening churches and leaders to fulfill their call. They have seen many saved, healed, and delivered under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
Gerald and Susan also pioneered and founded "Voice In New England" Television Broadcast for 15 years, and pastored "VINE Training & Worship Center, a One New Man congregation. They continue to reach out to the lost via media broadcasts, through radio and television. Their desire is to reach the hearts of the lost as well as believers, and destroy the works of religious tradition.

Gerald and Susan portray together a couple in ministry and marriage the prophetic revelation of the Book of Ruth in the Bible. Just as Ruth who was raised a Gentile in the bible joined herself to Naomi, a Jewish woman, so too Gerald, being raised a Christian, joined himself to Susan who was raised Jewish. Together they are teaching and bringing spiritual reformation of the biblical Jewish roots of the Christian faith.
Gerald and Susan Nikirk have seen miracles in their ministry and lives, one of which recently was the adoption of their Chinese little girl, Autumn Victoria.  Read the story!
The Nikirks are foundation layers, Apostles, preaching and teaching on the cutting edge of God's Prophetic Voice!

Gerald Nikirk

Gerald Nikirk comes from a heritage of preachers, his roots originating from Germany. Gerald received the call of God on his life to preach at an early age. As he became a successful business man, Gerald drifted from the Lord. After ten years, his business began to fail. Eventually losing everything, he knew that his only hope was Jesus Yeshua The Messiah. The Lord has blessed Gerald empowering him to prosper and to teach God's people to walk in true prosperity - spirit, soul and body!

Gerald is an ordained minister, preaching the uncompromising Word of God in power and demonstration. He ministers out of the compassion of Jesus helping God's people to rebuild and repair their lives delivering them from the strongholds of religion. He has a powerful teaching anointing, with a strong gift for miracle healings.

Susan Nikirk

Susan Nikirk was born in New York City, and raised of Jewish heritage. Susan started in show business, dancing at the age of three. She performed and toured with the Beatles as part of a dance act in the mid 60's. She had a successful dancing career on Broadway and Television, became a Theatrical Ballroom Champion, and Choreographer; but there was a deep void -- fear and rejection were deep inside of her. Beginning her search for God, she found the truth, The Lord Jesus, Yeshua The Messiah, and was totally set free.  In recent years Susan herself received a miracle healing in her body,after many years of illness, and now has a greater desire and anointing for God's people to be healed and restored totally in every way.

Susan is an ordained minister, preaching with a powerful prophetic, evangelistic anointing that touches and changes lives. Susan is the founder and director of Watchmen School of Prayer, and has written many articles on God's Plan For The Church and The Jewish People. She has appeared on the 700 Club and the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and has traveled internationally for many years, seeing many saved, healed, and delivered. Seeking to set the captives free, Susan brings revival with her and stirs the hearts of people to love the will of God. She is bold, radical, and on fire for the Lord. Susan's desire is to awaken the Body of Messiah to see their "One New Man" calling according to scripture, by teaching the Jewish Roots of the Christian faith.

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